Diagnostic Biochemistry

Determination of therapeutic natural chemistry action assumes a critical job in the Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC), ruled by family drug and indicative administrations. Therapeutic biochemical determination has a noticeable spot at all degrees of human services, which shows the quantity of solicitations for lab finding, number and sort of required research centre tests. There is a consistently expanding interest for improved diagnostics to help the clinicians in understanding assessment and treatment. The exploration in the field of clinical organic chemistry has extended, over a period, past customary tight view of the control and developed as a multidisciplinary action. This is all around reflected in symptomatic science and indicative advancements. Accessibility of human genome arrangement and late advances in biotechnology empowered the atomic profiling of human cells and tissues. Human ailments are better comprehended opening the extension for advancement of inventive and explicit objective based diagnostics

  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Pharmacology
  • Enzyme Structure and Function
  • Biochemical Reactions
  • Metabolism

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