Stem Cell & Regeneration

All multi cellular animals and plants rely on stem cells to grow from a single cell into an adult and it allow our bodies to build new tissue, such as new muscle when we exercise. It continuously replaces the many specialized cells in our body if they are worn out or damaged. Generally, all stem cells fall into three different groups-embryonic stem cells are pluripotent cells, which means they can differentiate into all the types of specialized cells in the body-Tissue stem cells can both self-renew and give rise to at least one more specialized cell type-Induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells: These cells can be generated from adults, avoiding the ethical concerns associated with research using human embryos. Research in regenerative medicine is bringing fabulous advances in science, technology, health and medicine. These holds promise for improving methods of disease diagnosis and prevention, to the development of innovative treatments for injuries and illnesses

  • Stem Cell Research and Treatment
  • Stem cells translational medicine
  • Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology
  • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
  • Embryonic Stem Cells
  • Cell Biology
  • Insights in Stem Cells
  • Genetics & Stem Cell Biology
  • Stem Cell Migration
  • Stem Cell Differentiation

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